Pharma Franchise Allopathic Range (Human , Veterinary )

PCD is also known as Propaganda Cum distributorship Or Promotion Cum Distribution. It is the modern business model that almost 100% of the pharmaceutical industry companies are following because the benefits of PCD Pharma franchise is immense. In this Business model, every individual is the owner of its own. There are no sales targets like other franchise business models.

Are you looking for the best PCD Pharma companies in India? Then we are right here to help you out. We have a state-wise list of all the leading medicine franchise and pcd franchise companies in those respective states. We have curated these lists after doing extensive research on all these companies. We have also researched their past performance and the types of medicines they manufacture. You will get only the top pharma companies in these lists. Moreover, for making it even easier, we have divided the list into several regions of a particular state so that you can get a company in your desired region in the blink of an eye. So, if you are not feeling comfortable as an investor to invest in a certain company, just check out our lists and you will get to know which companies are suitable for you. In

There Is International Or Multinational Pharma Companies Who Are Ready To Start PCD Pharma Business Or Pharma Franchise Model In India. In Balanced Mixture Of Old PCD Pharma Companies & New PCD Companies.

So, if you are planning to make it big, you need to choose the leading pharmaceutical company in India and we will help you choose the one. Are you concerned about whether these companies are stable enough in the market? Well, don't worry as our list encompasses only those companies whose drugs have been doing quite well in the market for years and have gained quite a popularity. We have also listed the companies that follow the guidelines set by FDA and some of them are also acclaimed by several other International standards. So, you can stay assured about the safety and quality of medicines these companies manufacture. All these companies have a good history of bringing products into the market that have sufficed and become very popular and are used even today. So, if you are interested in knowing some of the best medicine franchise companies in India, we have already made lists of some of most trustable companies in each state.


Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in india

company name


Location: Manimajra

company name

C&C Pharmaceuticals

Location: Panchkula

company name

Zither Pharmaceutical

Location: Manimajra

company name


Location: Manimajra

company name

Anevay Pharmaceuticals

Location: Chandigarh

company name

Torres Lifesciences

Location: Karnal

company name

Fortune Labs

Location: Panchkula

company name

Jabs Biotech

Location: Nabha ,Punjab

company name

Captab Biotec

Location: Mohali

company name

Zencus Pharma

Location: Panchkula

Product Range


Therapeutic Wise Product & Medicine Range

  • Analgesics Medicine /Product Range
  • Anesthetics Medicine /Product Range
  • Antibacterials Medicine /Product Range
  • Anticonvulsants Medicine /Product Range
  • Anti-Dementia Medicine /Product Range
  • Antidepressants Medicine /Product Range
  • Antidotes / Antibiotics Medicine /Product Range
  • Deterrents Medicine /Product Range
  • Toxicologic Medicine /Product Range
  • Antiemetic Medicine /Product Range
  • Antifungals Medicine /Product Range
  • Antigout Medicine /Product Range
  • Anti-inflammatory Medicine /Product Range
  • Ant -Migraine Medicine /Product Range
  • Antimyasthenic Medicine /Product Range
  • Antimycobacterials Medicine /Product Range
  • Antineoplastics Medicine /Product Range
  • Antiparasitics Medicine /Product Range
  • Antiparkinson Medicine /Product Range
  • Antipsychotics Medicine /Product Range
  • Antispasticity Medicine /Product Range
  • Antivirals Medicine /Product Range
  • Anxiolytics Medicine /Product Range
  • Bipolar Medicine /Product Range>
  • Blood Glucose Regulators Medicine /Product Range
  • Cardiovascular & Renal Metabolism Medicine /Product Range
  • Central Nervous System Medicine /Product Range
  • Dental and Oral Medicine /Product Range
  • Dermatological Medicine /Product Range
  • Gastrointestinal Medicine /Product Range
  • Genitourinary Medicine /Product Range
  • Immunological Medicine /Product Range
  • Ophthalmic Medicine /Product Range
  • Otic Medicine /Product Range
  • Respiratory Tract Medicine /Product Range
  • Sedatives/Hypnotics Medicine /Product Range
  • Enzyme Replacements/Modifiers Medicine /Product Range
  • Hormonal Medicine /Product Range, Suppressant (Adrenal)
  • Hormonal Medicine /Product Range, Suppressant (Parathyroid)
  • Hormonal Medicine /Product Range, Suppressant (Pituitary)
  • Hormonal Medicine /Product Range, Suppressant (Sex Hormones/Modifiers)
  • Hormonal Medicine /Product Range, Suppressant (Thyroid)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Medicine /Product Range
  • Metabolic Bone Disease Medicine /Product Range
  • Skeletal Muscle Relaxants Medicine /Product Range
  • Therapeutic Nutrients/Minerals/Electrolytes / Vitamins / Multivitamins

Section Wise Range

Section Wise Medicines can be divided into different classes and these classes are:




















Soft Gel










Dry Injection


IV Fluid


Nasal Spray

Speciality Wise Range


Derma & Cosmetic Range


Dental Range


Gynae Range


Oncology Range


Ortho Range


Cardiac Range


Diabetic Range


Ophthalmic Range


General Range


ENT Range


Nephrology Range


Urology Range


Critical Care Range


Paediatric Range



Our Certification

Our Product Manufactured At International Standard, Plant Have All Certification Required To Match International Standard

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 Certification for Pharmaceutical Industry.

ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certification for Pharmaceutical Industry.

GMP Ayush Certified

GMP Ayush Certified Products ( Good Manufacturing Practices)

WHO-GMP Certified

WHO-GMP Certified Company (World Health Organization )


HACCP Certified




FSSAI Approved






US FDA, TGA Guidelines


GLP Certification

Pharma Franchise Business and Pharma PCD Business.

It is a type of business where a business man or a company can get absolute marketing and Selling rights from a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. In this type of business the parent Company gives freedom of product selection, marketing, cost, quantity of order, place and Time for business to the business owner. In other words it is also called PCD {Propaganda cum Distribution}. Even the name of the products can also be decided by the owner of franchise. The Owner or the company have to follow certain rules and guidelines established by the parent Company.

Difference between Ethical Pharma Model & PCD Pharma Business.

Ethical Business Model And Working In Pharma Sector

  • Ethical business model is one of the oldest models, which believes in ethical means, where Products are marketed and distributed on the basis of their superiority.
  • Products are marketed and distributed by a network of medical representatives. MR's meet With doctors, retailers and stockiest to market their products.
  • MR's should have good communication as well as convincing skill.
  • All kind of medicines and related are distributed in the market through medical Representatives.
  • Ethical PCD deals with doctors, retailers, and wholesalers. Success of PCD business Depends on the selling potential of marketing representatives.
  • Ethical medicines are those medicines that are prescribed for particular medical or clinical Situation and are supported by scientific evidences and legit principles.

PCD Business Model And Working In Pharma Sector

  • If you are looking to start a newbusiness & Your Earlier Experience In Pharma Sector As MR , Pharma Manager , Distributor ,Stockiest , then PCD is just a right form of business for you if you are ready to give time and right amount of cost.
  • Parent company will give you rights to market and distribute Their products in a selected Area or territory. You need to persuade doctors in that area to prescribe your products. Your Business depends on two main poles, Doctors and retailers.
  • If these two parts are efficient in your business then your performance will be better.
  • Responsibility of business entirely depends on the owner of the franchise. He can hire MR's or can have direct link with doctors and retailers to prescribe the medicine which he has Asked for.
  • Main aim of PCD is to get absolute rights for marketing and distribution of products.

How to select product for pharma franchise business

Most important step in PCD Franchise business is choosing right products, which can make Your business successful; however a wrong selection of products could end your business. In Pharma Franchise Business PCD Product List Should be Specific.

Hence for selection of products you should.

  • Research: First step in a business is to do a research in market about the demand of products In the area you have selected for business
  • Available products: one should avoid those products which are already available in the market And are prescribed by doctors on large scale.
  • Selection of company: Selection of company after choosing products is very important. Before Short listing company's history, quality of products, delivery of products etc. should be done. Comparison of MRP's and product range should be thoroughly investigated.
  • Cost: Now another important step is cost part, before moving forward it is very Important to clarify about your finances. One should make a detailed plan about initial cost, and also how budget will be divided among different products.
  • Availability of products: You should always try to have link with companies which have stocks of your products available as shortage of products will have negative impact on the growth of your company.
  • Payment and Terms and conditions: You should try to collaborate with company which Provides you all your payment and other terms and conditions in written.

Scope of PCD Business

One of the Businesses Where You Can Actually find an Ever Growing and bright future is Pharmaceuticals Industry. It is one of the best profitable industry and have many benefits like Monopoly rights etc. This industry is growing rapidly across the globe, as the demand of Medicines is growing across all the continents. PCD in recent years have attracted a lot of Businessman and entrepreneurs. PCD Franchise is similar to Pharma Franchise, only difference Is area of operation is smaller and selective in PCD Franchise Whereas Pharma Franchise Works in much larger area and product range is also vast. Cost part is also limited in PCD Pharma.

PCD Franchise Business provides you multiple options for your business. One can select General medicines business to start with, then you can go with any of the selected product Which you have found out have demand in your area. PCD Franchise provides you the flexibility In selection of products. In addition to these PCD Franchise provides you to take an opportunity As

  • Stockiest/ Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Surgical/surgical instrument distributor
  • Medicine distributor
  • Open a chain of pharmacies
  • Open a animal pharmacy
  • To sell products on internet
  • Gym or health supplement distribution.
  • PCD Pharma business have a large scope in future and you can expand it according to your potential.

Qualifications Required for Pharma PCD Business.

Qualifications needed in PCD Franchise varies with your profile some companies ask for

  • Minimum 10+2 from a recognized board
  • Experience of minimum 3 to 5 years in marketing in Pharma companies
  • You have a degree in pharmaceuticals Like D. Pharma, B.Pharma ,M.Pharma
  • Fresher can also start a PCD or Third Party Pharma manufacturing Company

Documents required for Pharma Franchise.

To start a PCD Pharma franchise one must have following documents;

  • Drug license Registration: According to drug and cosmetics act of 1940 it is mandatory to Have a drug license, which is issued by State Drug Control organization and also by central Drug control organization
  • Income tax registration: it is also mandatory to have income tax registration, without this Document you won't be able to make any transactions of money.
  • Goods and Services Tax: It is also mandatory to have GST to start any business.
  • PAN Card
  • Sales tax number

What is Monopoly Right

Monopoly rights is an agreement of terms and conditions between Pharmaceutical Company and PCD franchiser which provides the PCD owners full rights to Market ans sell the products in the particular area. The PCD owner will have all the right of the Products he has purchased from pharma franchise. Monopoly right in PCD has advantages like

  • Monopoly in pharma gives opportunities in Research and development, which helps to Introduce new and advanced products in market and give edge to company over the other.
  • You can enter into international market if you have monopoly right and increase your area of Operation and market presence
  • Monopoly rights provide you chances of successful business with lower cost, high Profits, free marketing, and reduced risks.
  • As you can see from past years results lot of companies have become successful and did a Profitable business in pharmacy by having monopoly rights.

Support Provided By Pharmaceuticals Companies to Its Franchisee

PCD franchise needs a variety of things to promote its products, to make availability in market, Of also to make sure that customers know about these products. Some of the methods and Strategies which are used by Pharma companies and tools provided by them to PCD franchise For marketing purposes are

  • Marketing bag with name of products and company
  • Promotional literature
  • Chemist Order Book
  • List of Pharma products
  • Visiting cards
  • Products reminder cards
  • Free samples for doctors
  • Free case studies
  • New literature on latest studies
  • Booklets on profile of company

Other than that Your monthly Expenses, demand of products and range, rent of Storage, third party Manufacturing, Trade mark cost which varies from product to Product.


Feedback & Reviews

Customer & Pharma Professional Search For Pharma Companies On Google With Different Different Search Terms Like:

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They Think These Results 100 % Accurate but This Is Not True. These Results Just Because Of Google Algorithm Or SEO Task Done By These Pharma Companies So Don't Trust Blindly. Do Some Research, See Reviews, Social Media Pages, No. Of Employees, Products Manufactured From Witch Plants. Take Review From Existing Parties Etc . See There Monopoly Rights Agreement. See Products Packaging. Or Finally See the Stock before Order Watch Product Stock Live Through Video Because Some Companies Don't Have Enough Inventory .

Cost Required Starting A PCD Franchise Pharma Business

Cost to start a PCD franchise varies according to your PCD franchise business to Your company requirement. Main parts of cost which are essential components of PCD Pharma Company are:

  • Drug License Number: cost of drug license number is 5000 rupees.
  • GST Registration Charges
  • Company Registration Charges which is approximately 10000 rupees.

Other than that Your monthly Expenses, demand of products and range, rent of Storage, third party Manufacturing, Trade mark cost which varies from product to Product.

How to choose good Pharma Franchise Company

MBefore starting a PCD Franchise you should select a pharmaceutical company. you should choose it very carefully and after a lot of research analysis and reviews. Some tips before finalizing company

  • History of company: It is very first step you should follow before short listing any company
  • Quality packaging: A good and attractive packaging is must as it links with the psychology of the customers.
  • Product range: Company should provide a good range of products and of better quality. Products availability should also be checked.
  • New molecules: latest molecules should be included in the product list.
  • ISO certification: company should have ISO, GMP , GLP WHO certification and should have drug license number and tax identification number.
  • Quality of products: you should check quality of products and products should be approved by Food Safety & Standard authority of India, drug Controller of India, and Food and Drug Administration of India.
  • Profit margin: products of the company should provide you with good profit over MRP's. Average 150%
  • Sale records of past: if the sale record of company in the past is good than it is a good sign to short list the company.
  • Repeated customers: If the company have a record of repeated customers, than it shows the sign of quality and growth. You should short list the company.

Pharma Franchise Business: Advantages and Disadvantages { Pros and Cons}

If you are starting a franchise business you should be aware of the pros and cons of business. You need to look all the benefits you can avail as well as all the disadvantages you can have. Let's discuss some of them.

Advantages of PCD Pharma franchise

  • Assistance in business: the parent company gives you assistance in starting of your business. The knowledge provided by the parent company is more helpful than running a business.
  • Established brand: An established brand is easy to sell as people are already aware of what they are buying and is easily recognizable.
  • More profit percents: if you go through the trend of past years you will find out that franchises have higher profit percentages other than the business which are independent.
  • Established customers: It is seen that if you established a new business than you have to find out new customer base, whereas in case of franchise their base customer is already there ans hence your recognition is already have in the market.

Disadvantages of Pharma Franchise

  • Restrictions are imposed by Pharma Companies on franchise are location of business, holidays, working hours, MRP's, products, marketing etc.
  • Initial cost is the problem for the start of a franchise. In some cases it need a lot of cost to start a business of your dreams.
  • Conflict could arise between parent company and franchise which cold lead to legal fights and end of agreements.
  • Lack of privacy is another disadvantage due to agreement between franchise and parent company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In general medical camps are organized by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.IN PCD Franchise companies tendencies of medical camp organization is nil. Since to organize a medical camp lot of cost is required hence PCD owner avoid organization of such medical camps.

  • There is no policy as such take back the expired medicines from PCD Owners, as the profit given to these Pharma Franchisee is very high as compared to other retailers, pharmacies or hospitals. These Franchisee Or PCD take expired medicines back from all other retailers or wholesalers but not from PCD Franchise.

  • Medicine Dispatched With 12 Hour & Within 3 Days Can Reached Every Corner Of India We Have Good Network Of Transportation & Shipping Companies

DPCO 2022 Latest Price List

The word DPCO is Drug Price Control Order. The government of India is established by the Drug Price Control Order under Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act 1955 to manage the price of medicines. In Pharma, Drug Price Control Order is associate degree order issued by the government below the Essential Commodities Act that permits it to repair the costs of some essential bulk drugs and their formulations. The aim of DPCO is to equal distribution among the public and even balance between the public and manufacturers. To keep up information of production, its exports, and imports, market share of individual firms, profits made by the businesses for bulk medicine and its formulations, and also to extend the provision of Bulk medicine. The objective of DPCO is to make sure availableness of essential and lifesaving products of good quality at cheap costs. It's promoting the rational use of medicine within the country to boost efficient production with economic sizes.